Thank you for your generosity throughout the years! We truly wouldn’t be here without friends like you. Your contribution helps fulfill our mission of helping children, youth, and adults build a personal relationship with Christ and one another.

We want to repay your generosity with good stewardship of your gifts and open communication. One way we are trying to improve our communication with you is by explaining how we plan to use your gifts and why.


Below, you will see information about options, either Annual Giving or Camperships, for your giving. Click the Donate button for the Online Donation Form, where you can choose an option or Campaign as it is identified on the form. The Purpose, as identified on the form, is just the category of who is making the donation. The Purpose titled Friend of Red Willow is an individual or general donor. We also have a comments section at the bottom of the page allowing you to let us know your thoughts or ask questions about giving to Red Willow Ministries.


Whether a onetime gift or yearly recurring gifts, we include them in the annual giving we receive. With these annual gifts, we do pay our bills, such as utilities and supplies, but we also use them for upgrades to the camp. Click on the icons below to learn more about how we plan to use your gifts and why.


The tracker is set up in order of importance. We want to be good stewards and use gifts for the greatest needs at Red Willow Ministries. With that in mind, included in this tracker will be our contributions from any events or retreats we have over the rest of the year. The tracker is intended to show progress towards our goals and is an easy way for you to see what we are accomplishing with your gifts.


Camperships are our way of helping families in need send their child or children to Red Willow Bible Camp for a week of fun and learning about God. We wouldn’t be able to provide camperships without your generous gifts, so please consider this an option when giving to Red Willow Ministries. With a goal of $3600, we could provide full camperships to 10 campers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend, or we could provide partial camperships to many more campers!


This option may not be commonly thought about when considering giving to Red Willow Ministries; however, we are open year around for retreats or rentals of our camp. If you personally are looking for a relaxing weekend or are a part of an organization or group looking for a retreat, consider a stay at Red Willow Ministries where you can enjoy homemade meals, hunting, fishing, hiking and great views of beautiful Red Willow Lake and the wild North Dakota prairie. The Ofstedal Retreat Center can sleep 54 people and the separate Hospitality House, think a typical small cabin on a lake, can sleep six people. Hope to see you soon!