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Thinking about sending your kids to camp this summer? Wondering what campers will gain from a week at Red Willow?

We’re glad you asked! Here are just a few benefits of camp:


Campers explore faith through interactive Bible studies, worships and cabin devotions. We encourage campers to engage their faith with a sense of wonder rather than certainty. This wonder ignites a passion for lifelong faith exploration.


Our summer staff are specially trained to engage campers in all camp activities while honoring their individual needs. While our top priority will always be safety, a close second is ensuring that your camper is valued and loved by our young adult staff. We want all campers to know that they are beloved children of our God.


Camp is structured to build meaningful relationships! Campers live together in cabins and are partnered with other cabins throughout the week for activities. As a cabin group, campers make decisions together, serve each other and share all the joys and challenges of camp. It’s a great way to practice living well with others.


All our beloved camp activities and lots of freshly minted, improvised activities keep campers fully engaged every day! Beyond these stated activities, we make space to revel in God’s creation – surrounded by live oak trees and starlight. Campers are encouraged to try new things and most of all have fun!



Red Willow provides a variety of summer camp opportunities. All of our camps include worship, time to learn about scripture, fun songs, bonfires, counselor lead games.


Seekers Day

Entering Grades K-6

Are you looking for a way to try a day of camp activities at Red Willow? Seekers day camp goes from 9am-3pm and our counselors will guide campers in all the activities kids come to love at Red Willow. If kids love this day, they will have a blast with our other options during the summer!

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Taste of Camp

Entering Grades K-2

Do you have a young child that is excited to try camp but isn’t ready to stay in the cabins by themselves? Taste of Camp goes from Sunday to Wednesday and allows campers to bring an adult with them to camp. You will stay in the Retreat Center together at night and then join in all the fun activities available to the Pathfinders campers during the day.

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Entering Grades 2-3

Is your child ready to try the sleepover camp experience? Pathfinders camp goes from Sunday to Wednesday and allows campers to stay in the cabins and be mentored by our camp counselors, all while trying out the exciting activities we provide at our summer camp. This is the perfect option if your camper is more comfortable with a shorter stay with all the fun!



Entering Grades 3-4

Is your child ready to be a part of a full week out at Red Willow? Explorers camp goes from Sunday to Friday and allows our youngest campers to enjoy camp while seeing what is on the horizon as they grow through the ages at camp.



Entering Grades 4-6

Does your child enjoy interacting with a wider range of ages when making friends or has friends from different grades that want to come with to camp? This camp is perfect for that! Creation camp goes from Sunday to Friday.



Entering Grades 5-6

Is your child ready to grow in their camp experience? As children continue with their time at Red Willow, their experiences will evolve to grow with them. Genesis camp goes from Sunday to Friday.



Entering Grades 7-9

Is your child growing up and ready for more freedom and excitement at camp? This camp is geared toward junior high campers and allows them to try new things at camp and be mentors to younger campers. Disciples camp goes from Sunday to Friday. This camp is made to fit confirmation needs and ages.


Amp Camp

Entering Grades 9-12

Is your child ready for the camp that will help amplify their faith and interest in Red Willow? This camp is created for high school students and will incorporate leadership training and advanced team building activities. There are also options to have trips away from camp to create a unique camp experience. Amp camp goes from Sunday to Friday.


Holy Hoops

Entering Grades 5-9

Is your child a basketball enthusiast but still wants a chance to enjoy the Red Willow camp experience? This week is a unique combination of Bible camp activities and basketball fun. Holy Hoops camp goes from Sunday to Friday. Sunday and Monday campers will be at Red WIllow enjoying the activities that camp has to offer. On Tuesday through Thursday, campers will be involved with morning activities at the camp and then spend their afternoons doing basketball skill drills, endurance training and scrimmages at a local high school. Friday they will stay at Red Willow to participate in the closing celebrations with campers and families.

Person with Crutches


Ages 18+

This is our amazing camp for adults with special needs! Campers enjoy a relaxing get away at camp that allows them to help create an experience based on their needs and interests. Discovery camp goes from Sunday to Wednesday. Additional volunteers are needed for this week. Please contact if you have interest or experience. 

Happy Family Portrait

Family Camp

All Ages

Do you need a place to spend a half-week getaway with your whole family? Come enjoy programming, put on by our summer staff, that gives you a feel of how camp at Red Willow is and a chance to relax and enjoy our beautiful grounds with your entire family! Family camp goes from Sunday to Wednesday.

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Leadership Training

Ages 15-16

If you are 15 or 16 years old, and have ever considered working at camp, this two-week program will prepare you for future service at camp, and in the world, by growing your leadership skills and camp operational knowledge. Participants will also receive training in first aid & CPR & camper management, and will leave the week ready to serve on future camp staff.


Seekers Day Camp
Taste of Camp (K-1)
Path Finders (2-3)
Explorers (3-4)
Creation (4-6)
Genesis (5-6)
Disciples (7-9)
Amp Camp (9-12)
Holy Hoops (5-9)
Discovery (Ages 18+)
Family Camp (All Ages)
Leadership Training (Ages 15-16)
June 2
✓ Fri (9AM-3PM)
June 4-9
June 11-16
✓ Sun-Wed
✓ Sun-Wed
✓ 1st Week
June 18-23
✓ 2nd Week
June 25-30
✓ 1st Week
July 2-5
✓ Sun-Wed
✓ 2nd Week
July 16-19
✓ Sun-Wed
July 23-28
July 30-Aug 4
✓ Sun-Wed
✓ Sun-Wed



Red Willow is committed to ensuring that no one is turned away from camp due to cost. Generous donors allow us to provide camp at less than cost for every participant. Without our donors camp would cost $750 per week. Instead Registrants have the opportunity to choose from our fee tiers.

  • Tier 1 is our standard fee and represents approximately 50% of the real cost of camp. The generosity of donors makes this possible.

  • Tier 2, for those who choose, represents approximately 2/3rds of the real cost.

  • Tier 3, for those who choose, represents the real cost of camp. Choosing this tier allows for others to receive full scholarships as needed.

Additional scholarships are available upon request by contacting our office.

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Full Week Programs
Taste of Camp / Pathfinders
Family Camp
$150 / Adult
$100 / Child
Seekers Day
Holy Hoops
Discovery Camp
Leadership Training



Daily snacks are now covered in the cost of registration. Optional additional canteen funds can be used for t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts or other items in our store.

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