Adopt a Cabin

We are so grateful for the individuals and groups who have made the commitment to adopt a room in our retreat center, a cabin or another building at the camp.

Groups can choose to provide both the materials and labor or to provide the volunteers when the materials are provided.

It’s very encouraging to us when people get involved with Red Willow in this way. It allows the camp to keep improving the facilities and ensures that the camp will continue to impact lives for years to come.

Having that level of involvement in the future of Red Willow Ministries is very encouraging, and allows the camp to keep improving the facilities, not just maintain what is here.


Up for Adoption

These cabins and program buildings are up for “adoption.” Details, photos and estimates of time and money involved are available upon request. Please contact our office for more information.

Former Boys’ Bath House (“The Bunker”)

One of the challenges of modern day Outdoor Ministry is re-purposing old buildings. At Red Willow Bible Camp, a decommissioned boy’s bathhouse has been partially remodeled into housing for the young men who work at the camp in the summer.

A fundraiser was held to pay for needed upgrades, including a new steel roof, new windows, and adding patio doors to a small deck. The fixtures were all demolished and interior cleared out. The large portion of the old bathhouse is now being used for sleeping/living quarters for support staff. 

The small former staff bathroom is now used as storage for camping and environmental education equipment. The former utility room is also used for storage.

Dorm Rooms in Retreat Center

Both of the lower dorm rooms are in need of adoption. Tap into your creativity and transform one or both of these rooms into a fun space for our retreat campers to spend the night. Needs include: new mattresses, new carpet, new fire door to outside, storage unit, night stands, curtains, painting.


Currently Adopted

Bethel Cabin

Adopted by the Miller family

Boat House

Adopted by Bob & Becky Delfs of Binford

Boat House

Adopted by Bob & Becky Delfs of Binford

Esther Cabin

(Formerly Spiritwood Cabin) Adopted by Zion Lutheran of Grand Rapids

Joshua Cabin

Adopted by Trinity Lutheran of Lisbon

Luke Cabin

Adopted by the Gary Hegland family and the Prairie Rivers Parish

Mark Cabin

Adopted by Our Savior’s Lutheran of Valley City

Matthew Cabin

Adopted by Morning Star Parish of Pekin, Tolna and Warwick

Memorial Chapel

Trinity Lutheran of Carrington and Tri-County Ministry

Nazareth Cabin

Adopted by Maple-Sheyenne Lutheran of Harwood

Phoebe Cabin

Adopted by the Satrom family

Ruth Cabin

Cabin (Formerly Little Norway) – Adopted by Sheyenne-Oberon Area Ministry

Timothy Cabin

Adopted by Trinity Lutheran of Cooperstown


Volunteers are needed to complete the work that has been started

  • Finish painting interior concrete block walls.

  • Finish deck/add railings

  • Install storage for staff

  • Install storage for backpacks and other equipment

  • Clean out Utility Room

  • Landscape and add new steps from lower level to upper level.

  • Safety railing around sidewalk

  • Trim trees around the building

  • Remove water fountain

Professional services needed:

  • Complete electrical work and install lights

  • Possible electric baseboard heat

If you and your family, church group or organization are interested in helping with any part of this project, please contact the camp office by clicking the button below.